It is Saturday, July 15th 2017. It is forming up to be a good day as the drivers start to arrive at the Warm Springs Raceway. But today and the following day this place should have been called HOT Springs Raceway. It was Hot, very hot and the heat took its toll on tires and drivers if you werent carefull. Thanks to the resident guru Marc Drennen, he rigged up two shop fans on a generater and attached a sprayer to the fan, instant mister. This had to be the hit of the weekend as many drivers found themselves in front of it at one time or another. The racing was just as hot. The racers that arrived Saturday got themselves the advantage of dialing in their cars and be ready for the next two rounds of qualifing on Sunday. At the end of day Saturday your Top Qualifiers were: 4WD Dave Stroud - 32 laps, F1 Hau-Ching Liao 29 Laps and STC Tony Vega 35 Laps. On to Sunday and more drivers arrive to participate in the event. Time for those drivers to get their halo runs in and upset the order.  In Sportsman Al Gerace had it after the first round Sunday only to lose it to John Ng in the fourth round. in 4WD Dave Stroud beat his previous TQ with a round three amount of 33 and beat out Daniel Colhour by 1.351 seconds.  In F1 it was Hugh Lawson throwing down a 32 lap run to get the pole and STC Tony Vega would drop his 35 lap time down to a 10:01.190. In between we had lunch and drinks provided by Tony Vega and RC

On to the Mains

More Pictures and Videos to come


STC Podium

1st - Tony Vega

3rd - Cedric Collins      2nd Todd Rizzo


4WD Podium

1st - Tony Foskett (Way to go)

3rd - Dave Stroud    2nd - Hau-Ching Liao

F1 Podium

1st - Cedric Collins

3rd - Marc Drennen     2nd - Hau-Ching Liao

Sportsman Podium

1st - John Burnett

3rd - Al Gerace      2nd - Steve Sanchez