West Coast Challenge 2016


July 15 the track is open for practice and the racers that took the day off start to arrive to get some practice in and the initial shakedown. Warm Springs is an awesome track and it can have you chasing a setup depending on the track temp at the time of day and the amount of rubber being laid down. With 40 plus participants the rubber will not be an issue. As the rubber and temps (ambient) started to build traction roll became the big obstacle to avoid. Some drivers had issues during Saturday qualifying and a couple throwing last ditch setups at the car for the final qualifier on Sunday to make the show. All of the mains had some excitment except for F1, Bryn Foskett had the dominating car on his way to an 8 lap victory over the Gerace's of Tim and Al. In Sportsman, your TQ Jojo Bayabo had the field covered. Danny Pacho tried to make things interesting early on and with an early race bobble by Jojo, Danny took the lead on lap 12. But that was short lived as Jojo regained the lead and never looked back. 4WD looked to be Dan Kim's race to lose and unfortunately fate raised its head and a T-Bone took him out of the race early. That left Dave Stroud to take over and never look back. Larry Bani made a late race charge and closed the deficit done to one lap. STC was its own animal in constant flux in the early part of the race with lead changes among Tony Vega, Victor Garcia and Phil Goodwine. Tony took the lead on lap 27 and held on to take the win 9 seconds over Victor Garcia breaking the So Cal streak at the event.

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STC A Main Drivers

Fast Laps for the Weekend Here


2. Victor Garcia     1. Tony Vega   3. Todd Rizzo   



3. Huan-Ching Liao 1. Jojo Bayabo 2. Greg Shum


3. Al Gerace  1. Bryn Foskett  2. Tim Gerace



3. Tony Faria 2. Larry Bani 1. Dave Stroud  TQ. Dan Kim

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