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West Coast Challenge 2015

Hot, Hot, Hot... To say the least. And that was the competition. The weather was also on the steep end of the gauge as some of the beginnings of the storm to the south started to make its way in on Sunday and the humidity went up. There was no issue with grip as an abundance of rubber was being put down. Cars could traction roll if not carefull. Track temp on Sunday was 140+. Awesome layout with a high speed sweeper and curbs to keep you honest. Kudos to the RAMS, Warm Springs Raceway and the whole crew that put on this great event.

Concourse Winner

2nd                                    3rd


STC A Main Field

Arnold Mercado (3) - Frank Killam (1) - Victor Garcia (2) - Tony Vega (4) - Mike Tollner (5) - Cedric Collins (6) - Steve Gerace (8) - Daniel Colhour (Bump) Tony Nguyen (Bump)

Not Pictured - Todd Rizzo (7)

The STC main started with pole sitter Frank Killam laying down the law early to get clear of what was expected to be a hard charging pack. Frank got a break when Victor Garcia went wide in Turn 1 and confused the pack a little which gave Frank the break he needed to begin his check out run. At that point it was the back and forth battle with Victor, Arnold Mercado and Tony Vega. Victor began to have issues with his ride and that allowed Arnold and Tony through. Between the two Arnold was on a career run and posed a threat to Frank if he even thought about a bobble. But for Over Killam that wasn't going to happen. Lap after Lap ever consistent with feedback from Sarnelle during the race Frank dialed it back a little with a few minutes till the end to make sure he made it on gas as he had the field covered with laps.

1st - Frank Killam      2nd - Arnold Mercado     3rd - Tony Vega

F1 A Main

Hau-Ching Liao (5) - Steve Sanchez (7) - Anthony Varvare (8) - Bryn Foskette (1) - Fernando Jose (9) - Robert Sarnelle (2) - Hugh Lawson (4) - Steve Gerace (3) - Al Gerace (6)

The F1 race started with Bob Sarnelle leading the way for the first 7 corners until the curbs in corner 8 sent him flying into the catch fence. Going from first to last and handing the lead over to Hugh Lawson followed by Team Gerace, Hau-Ching Liao in 4th and Bryn Foskett in 5th. Gerace would get by Lawson and lead for a while. Bob would play the catch up game while Lawson, Gerace and Foskett traded places with Foskett mounting his ultimate charge for the top spot. As the announcer commented with his Duck Tail wing he had his car hooked up and worked his way speedily to the top spot. But maybe too speedily. As the race time came to an end, Bryn ran out of gas at the 29 minute mark. But he had done enough damage to the field that he still finished 1 lap ahead of second place finisher Bob Sarnelle. Hau-Ching Liao would finish 3rd. Steve Gerace 4th and Al Gerace 5th.

Bryn Foskett (1) FINALLY      Robert Sarnelle (2)       Hau-Ching Liao (3)

 4WD A Main

Ty Lam (5) - Huan-Ching Liao (8) - Robert Sarnelle (3) - Dan Kim (1) - Terry Campbell (Bump) - Larry Bani (4) - Daniel Colhour (6) - Tony Nguyen (Bump)

The 4WD race started with pole sitter Dan Kim leading the first part of the race and looked like he was going to be untouchable for the win. As Dan had issues and Bob having a similar start he had in the F1 race it was up for grabs for the end of this race. As Dan's issue mounted Larry Bani got closer to number one and Bob Sarnelle mounting another run from the rear got closer. Larry and Bob got closer and Dan continued to have issues. Huan-Ching Liao ran his pace and let the race come to him. Your top five in the 4WD A Main were Larry Bani, Robert Sarnelle, Huan-Ching Liao, Tony Nguyen and Daniel Colhour.

TQ - Dan Kim

1st - Larry Bani    2nd - Robert Sarnelle    3rd - Huan-Ching Liao

Your quick lap times for the weekend


4WD   F1   STC  
Dan Kim 16.901 Hugh Lawson 18.189 Frank Killam 16.843
Larry Bani 17.466 Bryn Foskett 18.271 Victor Garcia 17.022
Todd Rizzo 17.504 Robert Sarnelle 18.426 Arnold Mercado 17.123
Robert Sarnelle 17.780 Steve Gerace 18.631 Tony Vega 17.228
Eric Vasutin 18.005 Steve Sanchez 19.029 Cedric Collins 17.451
Tony Faria 18.151 Hau-Ching Liao 19.201 Mike Tollner 17.590
Jojo Bayabo 18.614 Jose Fernando 19.224 Bryn Foskett 17.700
Huan-Ching Liao 18.678 Tim Gerace 19.602 Todd Rizzo 17.853
Tony Foskett 18.834 Al Gerace 19.888 Dan Kim 18.211
Ty Lam 18.897 Anthony Varvare 20.721 Hugh Lawson 18.286
Kenny Kimbrow 19.086     Steve Gerace 18.329
Daniel Colhour 19.140     Charlie Mostek 18.481
Terry Campbell 19.269     Daniel Colhour 18.864
Byron Soublet 19.385     Hau-Ching Liao 18.950
Henry Cruz 19.487     Tony Nguyen 18.982
Tony Nguyen 19.802     Huan-Ching Liao 19.603
Marc Drennen 20.074     Steve Sanchez 19.679
Jo Montes 20.837     Al Gerace 20.258
Bill Margolis 20.939