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Well if you were a betting man your odds would have been on Markus Feldman for the win. Markus meticulously dialed in his car during practice and the quals and improved every session out to grab pole. While his main competitors where chasing their personal best, Markus always seemed one step or lets say 1 lap ahead. Being that same betting person if you knew Austin Sarnelle's history you may have given him a shot at the win, at least a top 5 battling with the Goodwine's the Kaplan's, the Vega's and Mr. Abreu. But no one had seen Austin outside of GLARCRC for some years. Just having received his Mecatech just a month before the race he surely would have been an odds on underdog for the race. But Austin did what Austin does and had a solid car during qual, improving as well and a solid performance during the race. But his race time wasn't that easy, he had to contend with Kyle Goodwine. 3rd place qualifier and not wanting to end up in 3rd. Kyle and Austin had some great battles throughout the race with Austin starting to put in a gap on Kyle latter in the race. Phil Goodwine (Major Sponsor) started off strong and was one of four drivers in the main to dip into the 21 second range....21 SECONDS. But couldn't match the pace for the duration and finished 4th. Joel Abreu improved on his outing from last year grabbing 5th spot in the finale. He did have to worry about a hard charging Craig Kaplan that finished 6th, 9 seconds behind.

Congrats the Markus Feldman on his win at the FG International Challenge.

4th Phil Goodwine - 2nd Austin Sarnelle - 1st Markus Feldman - 3rd Kyle Goodwine - 5th Joel Abreu

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The GT / 4WD Main was heavily contested as well. Alan Trump, your TQ lead the majority of the race until having issues late in the main and began dropping down the order. That left the door open for hard charging Daniel Kim (Brooks Motors / Warm Springs Raceway / Race Sponsor). I'm sure that made Daniels weekend bringing home the #1 trophy. The rest of the GT top 5 was something no one would have predicted. Mr Bob Sarnelle, usually on top would have to settle for 3rd this year, Tom Wong had a career best at the challenge and grabbed 4th for the weekend, and our TQ Alan Trump had to settle for 5th with knowing the #1 was sitting within his reach.

2nd Cesar Pegero -   1st Daniel Kim -    3rd Bob Sarnelle -   4th Tom Wong -   5th Alan Trump (TQ) -

Bob Sarnelle must have felt the world was coming down on him. The usual number 1 in GT and F1 had some stout competition this year. Hugh Lawson has always been competitive but something always got in the way. Not this time. The RS5 driver put it all together on lap 3 and took the lead from Bob and never looked back. Bryn Foskett, Ods on favorite, Winner at the Bill Margolis West Coast Challenge just couldn't get it together and would finish 7th with varying mechanical issues. And then there is Hau, he always seems to end up on the podium.  Congrats Gents.

2nd Bob Sarnelle (TQ) -   1st Hugh Lawson -   3rd Hau Chin-Liao -

The GT8 class had its share of fun and suspense.  Dan Almario (TQ) jumped out to an early lead until around lap 8 Henry C took the lead and looked to have things under control for the win until lap 47 when it stopped, about 5 minutes from the end. That handed the lead back to our pole sitter Dan and the eventual win. Biboy Angeles was solid the whole ran and brought home the 2nd place trophy (and something weighing about 23 lbs someone at home doesn't know about yet :) ), and being consistent and patient, Club President Glenn Williams would come home 3rd.

2nd Biboy Angeles -   1st Dan Almario -   3rd Glenn Williams

Ian Francisco was the rider on a mission this weekend at the Challenge. Ian dominated qualifying and in the first two races of the triple A mains he was head honcho giving him the win. Dwayne Lawler and Lito Reyes always seem to find their way to the podium at the big races. Congrats.

2nd Dwayne Lawler -   1st Ian Francisco -   3rd Lito Reyes -

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