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2019 Bill Margolis West Coast Challenge

Well I can not say it was as hot as it was last year but it was pretty darn close. Take away the heat and it was a perfect weekend for racing. Drivers from No Cal, So Cal, Massachusetts, Florida, Canada and Shanghai participated. As usual, by Saturday afternoon the traction was coming up and everyone would have to work on setup changes to combat the rollover effect. By mid day your TQ's were Victor, Todd, Steve Sanchez and Steve Tsuruda. Not everyone would get to keep their spots. By the time it was all said and done, Arnold Mercado would snatch the STC TQ, Mike Braun with the Super Sport and Al Gerace would take the Sportsman TQ.


After a great Saturday of qualifying it was time for our social hour, the 5th scale Meet and Greet. Great location was picked out by the President of the RAMS, but one thing was missing. Can you imagine after a blistering hot day in the sun all you can think of was to relax in a nice air conditioned restuarant and when you walk into the room it was like a sauna.  The restaurant didn't mention that the room had no air, but luckily for them, the way it was designed once it was opened up it cooled off pretty quick and we were able to enjoy a nice evening with everyone.

Every race was setting up to be a good one and there won't be any spoilers here, you can watch the videos for that. Lets just say some people had some harsh failures come their way. All in all everyone had a great time and already talking about next year.


STC Podium

 5 - David Wang 3 - Brian Sullivan 1 - Arnold Mercado 2 - Rich Reybok 4 - Luis Rinzivillo


Note: Videos Fixed...Fullscreen takes about 20 seconds to autocorrect

F1 Podium

 5 - Rich Reybok 3 - Fernando Jose 1 - Hau-Ching Liao 2 - David Wang 4 - Hugh Lawson


Super Sport Podium

 5 - Kurt Jamrus 3 - Rick Wong 1 - Mike Braun 2 - Zee Isayan 4 - Tom Wong


B Main

Sportsman Podium

 5 - Byron Soublet 3 - Tim Gerace 1 - Brandon Soublet 2 - Steve Sanchez 4 - Arron Foskett


More Pictures from Byron Soublet Here


WC5S 2019